Everest Diaries 3

I am so fortunate to be perched up high with my tent at a point where the first rays of sun stream into the warmth of my tent. The glistening snow and particles quietly melt into vapour and water. I can see the kitchen tent as I slowly unzip the flap to witness the awesome sight of the icefall straight on. Sightings of a few Sherpas hurriedly arm rappling down as they make way to the base camp. At this point the icefall is in complete shade and as they say, icy. Few walk down, as if expectantly, to reach quickly. I know the feeling from last year when we were so excited to come home, our base camp.

I arrived in base camp on the 12th afternoon, a lazy walk knowing fully well after my breakfast in Gorakshep that settling into the tent was the first thing that was required to be comfortable. It’s a week now since I have been here and I feel totally acclimatised. We are at 5350mts now.

I want to introduce you to our camp and camp mates. Am officially tied up with a Nepalese Sherpa company pioneer and Impact mountaineering for my trip to Mount Everest 2018. There are 4 co-owners Lakpa Sherpa, Tenji Sherpa , Mingma Sherpa and Pasang Sherpa. The first 3 are in the mountain managing the clients. And Pasang Sherpa manages the company from Kathmandu.
I am climbing with two personal Sherpas for Mount Everest who are with me from base camp to upward climbs and to the top of the world and back. One is Ngaa Tenji Sherpa a co-owner on the company and the other is Nurbu Sherpa. Both these amazing guys are 8 times Everest summiteers. I am doing a private climb with the two. You will see a lot of their pics with me.

From 13th we had climbers streaming in to the base camp each with their own Sherpa. I met Prajit Pradeshi from Satara dist near Pune who is climbing Everest and is also a bjp rep from his state. He’s a calm and very simple human. He has carried His Achaar, paranthas and is a total Brahmin vegetarian. His claim to fame is Island Peak and he’s hoping to raise the BJP flag up high. I have promised to groom him post Everest for his future politicians role as he’s pretty raw.

His friend Bhagwan also is from pune and a very relaxed smiling guy who had to return from south summit last year due to unbearable high winds. We three do have a laugh, joke and interesting conversations. Bhagwan is attempting the 2nd time.

Tania is a Swiss woman who is basically a nurse in the emergency Back home in Switzerland. We walked up from Dingboche up to base camp and shared rooms too in Lobouche and Gorakshep. She’s a grand mom. Extremely hyper but basically a nice person. She just cannot sit still. We have our tents wide and far apart. She’s climbing Everest.

Pimba is from Mongolia and is an extremely sweet person, heroes to speak English but gets his way around and we have a lot of laughs. Nice person to have around. He’s attempting both Everest and Lhotse. He’s 52.

Magda, 25, is a Polish girl who is athletic-looking and pretty and has a laughing fit all the time. She takes forever to finish her food on her plate. Even the server Tashi commented today that she will take one hour to finish her food.

Sylvia and Stephan are also Polish and this is also their second time as last year they had to turn back from Hilary step as their Sherpa did not have oxygen for them. We also call him Stephan Sparta! Pleasant couple.

A Chinese girl Chen Chua just comes for the meals and is glued to her phone. She knows no English and makes no conversation with anyone. She’s climbing Everest.

Taiwanese Girl Tri Fish is the girlfriend of owner Lakpa, and climbing Lhotse is like a doll and makes conversation with all. Actually she’s quite a character and cartoon. Laughs a lot and is quite likeable.

Samantha from Australia is a great conversationalist and sticks to Nepalese. Nice to talk to.

There’s a Nepalese team of 7 people, out of which 5 are women and two Nepalese men climbing Everest. One is also a journalist .

Expecting a 71 year old Malaysian attempting Everest got the 3rd time.

We all meet at 0800am every morning for breakfast and then all meals.

There’s been a flurry of activity including the Pooja on 17th, a well celebrated event in every camp which allows you to ascend the icefall comfortably with blessings. There’s been a lot of retaining sessions in the icefall too.

I have already had a walk in the icefall and now waiting to go up higher after camp 1 and 2 have been set up .

The regular hikes up to Pumori base camp and Ebc point are being done by all.

Everest link card allows us to stay in touch but it’s terribly expensive. We use 100 mb for rs 700 and 500 mb for rs 3000.

All I have to do now is have patience and wait.

Zoo zoos Vodafone and WCI are my constant companions every possible place I’ve been and plan to go.

What do I feel here?

At home! Temporarily. Until the next 5 to 6 weeks are over.

Keep sending good wishes!

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