Post-Everest Strength! Never give up

Hello Everyone!

Its been over a month and a half since I returned from Mount Everest after being Evacuated . Right in the beginning when I started climbing 5 years back , I had heard “ Going up is optional but coming down is mandatory”. For a week, I was totally gutted that I could not summit and had all kinds of questions coming  in my mind. What if ! Kept cropping up. But in the aftermath of all that, I Iook around, The world is beautiful place and possibilities are endless to keep going at my dreams.

Strength of mind is the strength of soul. What I found about myself surprised even myself during this whole journey . I had the innate capability to the on more mentally physically and spiritually than I  ever thought. My last rotation summit push lasted 15 hours from base camp to camp 2 in severely hydrated form as My body was not able to retain any food or water. I kept going on slowly , telling myself that safety is predominant and no matter how I take to reach but I must be alert, vigilant and conscious. I did reach in one piece ! 

What kept me going??? It was my faith in God  as I tell friends about how overtime I crossed the khumbu icefall and steep swaying ladders, I chanted the Gayatri mantra. That kept me going. 

I felt Emotions have little place in the mountain such as Everest. Every person without default has to look out for themselves, such is the nature of the altitude and the climb. I did start the hugs, heights and happiness with my group but post Everest base camp, hugs vanished, heights increased and happiness was hidden as everyone was focussed on just themselves. We all did.

I am settled back, juggling my life and setting goals for the next adventure. Spiritually I am aiming higher to understand the cosmic universe. Oh! Mentally I am 10 times more stronger than when I left in April 2017 to attempt Everest.

It is vitally important to remember that disappointments are necessary to get better at what you do. Adversity teaches you to strive harder next time. And mind is the ultimate victory card to accomplish or fail.

Keep going is what I say!! Because nothing is impossible.

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  1. Shyam says:

    Wonderful spirit. Hats off to the spirit. This year I had gone for EBC but had to come back from Dingboche. Was initiallly very dejected but have taken it as gods will. Would do it again and better prepared this time.


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