Mission Mount Everest 2017

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Sangeeta’s Progress..

2nd April 2017 – New Delhi to Kathmandu, Nepal

About Mount Everest

mount everest sangeeta s bahl

Sangeeta’s dream!

  • Highest Mountain on Earth at 8848 mts

  • Altitude 29,035 ft

  • Climbed from both Nepal and Tibet

  • Season April - May every year

  • 7 Summits Club

Sangeeta’s Training

It goes without saying, to climb Mount Everest, one must be extremely fit. To ensure Sangeeta is in peak physical and mental condition, she is currently training 6 times a week in activities including:

  • Training in the Gym (interval training, running, yoga, swimming, etc.)
  • Outdoor hikes
  • Stairs climbing
  • Tyre pulling
  • Endurance training